events 2016

01/02/16 “British Library Labs Digital Data Roadshow 2016” City University London

14/01/16 “The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence, Luciano Floridi” Second Home, London

20/01/16 “Discovery and Discoverability” Senate House, London

17/02/16 “#citylis Open Evening” City University London

30/03/16 “Ethics and Social Science” Alan Turing Institute, London

06/04/16 “#citylis visit to Stationers’ Hall” London

08/04/16 “Games Culture Summit” Museum of London, London

23/04/16 “#HASlibcamp” City University London

13-14th May 2016 “Im/Material: Encounters with the creative arts archive

16/05/16 “#citylis Research Seminar” City University London

16/05/16 “Professor Sherry Turkle on ‘Reclaiming Conversation in a Digital Age‘” King’s College London

18/05/16 “Vogue 100: A Century of Style” National Portrait Gallery, London

22/05/16 “Hidden Treasures: The Vogue Archive” Vogue Festival 2016, London

08/06/16 “#citylis Open Evening” City University London

25th-26th June “Fan Studies Network Conference” UEA, Norwich

27th June – 18th July “Displaying Performance” Tate Modern, London

19/07/16 “#citylis Graduation” City, University of London

19/08/16 “Emerging Research in LIS Seminar” Institute of Historical Research, London

21st-28th August “International Recruitment, Mumbai/Manipal” India

23rd September “Induction: #citylis 16/17” City, University of London

31/10/16 “The Future of the Document: documenting performance” City, University of London

02/11/16 “CILIP Employers Forum” City, University of London

05/11/16 “LISDIS Conference” University College London

10/11/16 “Cambridge: applying to library school” St John’s College, Cambridge

16th-18th November “Erasmus + Project Meeting” University of Graz, Austria

01/12/2016 “CPD25: Applying to Study Library & Information Science” The London Mathematical Society.