Jobs for LIS graduates

I am often asked about careers for those taking our courses in information science and library science.

Some of our graduates work in libraries, but many are engaged in other professions. Last summer, I enlisted the help of Sue Hill (, to find out what happens to our alumni. Over 80 of our graduates chose to contact me, with a fantastic collection of career histories and current jobs. I was pleased to have evidence for what I have always believed  – that information skills (understanding of how information is communicated, critical literacy and continuous learning) are highly prized, and can form the basis of almost any career.

Sue has just sent me one of her recent newsletters, which lists the following job titles currently associated with LIS graduates:

information architect

portal assistant

global crd coordinator

electronic resources officer

deputy director of corporate memory

corporate vocabulary officer

deployment consultant

library transformation manager

support officer

research consultant research services manager

data administrator

football researcher

business manager

interim corporate records manager

associate director – public sector

information compliance manager

business information analyst

knowledge research and training  mangaer

I can add two others from last year’s analysis which struck me as pushing at the barriers of what we do : prospect researcher (funding) and executive search manager (headhunting). Are there any more examples ? If you have a great job title (and hopefully job to go with it ) please comment ..