Twitter #2

lynxiI decided to address the twitter phobia (kind of like standing in front of an audience and not quite believing that you can make anything coherent come out of your mouth), and in my last moments of procrastination scanned the help files. Within a very short time I was twittering with joy at how you can search for tweets from a particular place, and basking in the reassurance that there were others like me, in South Woodford, spending their Sunday evening broadcasting to the world … ahh the pleasure of finding your voice.

I checked back to my blog and yes, anything tweeted showed up immediately on the page – a working widget(!) – enthused I scanned the list of people whom the twitter site suggested I could follow – chose Moby, Coldplay and er … 10 Downing Street … amazing words of wisdom poured onto my screen …. its easy … no wonder everyone likes this application.

But, within seconds several people were following me … someone called britneyf****d (didn’t even look) and redlionpub (turned out to be in Stockport (???) … I blocked them.

More followers … a nice sounding lady called genevieve … (how ??) but I left her there – doubtless I will be a disappointing edition of the @lynrobinson she thinks I am.

I tried to add the twitter application to facebook … alas it didn’t work and my 13 friends will thus remain privy only to ‘what’s on my mind’ and not know anything about ‘what I am doing’.

I discussed ‘serious’ uses for twitter (next killer app) with participants in my web 2.0 course yesterday, and with one of our PhD students today: I offered meetings, classes and events, where participants widen access by tweeting comments in real time (so yesterday), but other ideas included service updates, thought of day (from the MD), stocks and shares, disaster announcements, new job opportunities, news news news and upcoming events.

I think its worth listening in – just incase anything interesting gets said – and for anyone who needs to know: it is now 19.00 hrs in London and so I am going to stop writing and go and watch the X-files.